General Regulations


We are a non-commercial virtual airline, operated by pilots. It was founded to simulate flights as a hobby.


These are the rules of our VA. The imprint can be found in the dropdown menu, which you can find 

under "About Us".


For money transactions within the airline we will only use virtual money. This virtual money is not intended and intended for payment.


LUN is currently managed by 3 members who are on our website and in these rules are referred as "staff members".


We offer our service to all pilots who use compatible flight simulation software like (FS2004, FSX, P3D v3, P3D v4, X-Plane 10, X-Plane 11) and who can connect them to the IVAO network (in special cases there may be exceptions can be made).


All pilots are treated equally with each other and with the staff.


The work of all members is voluntary and therefore does not require any duties.




Application Criteria


You have reached the age of 16 (from 13 to 15 years only with the written consent of your legal guardian)


You have a fully functional flight simulator.


Discord must be installed on your computer. This program is used for communication purposes and is available free of charge.


You have at least one microphone and headphones, preferably a headset.


You have a basic knowledge of English, which is required for radio communication on the Internet.


You can control your plane safely.


You are NOT a member of another virtual airline.

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